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Wonder Tea Tree Range for Care of Skin Conditions
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Needing to clear up the skin irritation and facial acne?

Here are the body and skin care products that include tea tree toner, tea tree essence, and tea tree calming cream. There is also tea tree oil for irritated skin and tea tree spot gel for Acne and other skin conditions.

Tea Tree Component

Tea tree oil used as a folk and traditional remedy was applied in Australia for thousands of years by the Aborigines. It began as the cure for skin burns, boils, cuts. Not only does tea tree oil rapidly clear up skin problems it also soothes the skin with its ant-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also known as a strong vitality herb which protects skin from a harmful external environment.
tea tree gel Divine Wonder
Tea Tree Toner ~ 50ml
Calms irritated skin
Tea Tree Essence ~ 50ml
Purifies complexion by preventing moisture loss by Teatree Leaf extract that cares and calms skin trouble
Tea Tree Calming Cream ~ 100g
Calms sensitive skin and protects from skin troubles
Tea Tree Oil 50ml
Includes tea tree leaf oil crude liquid and botanical oil components that soothe and moisturises dry and irritated skin
Tea Tree Spot Gel 8ml
Pat on skin troubles such as Acne with Soothing Spot Gel.
Tea Tree Products Gift Pack
All above products combined.

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tea tree calming cream New Zealand
tea tree essence
tea tree essence New Zealand
tea tree calming cream
tea tree calming essence New Zealand
tea tree calming essence
Tea Tree Toner ~ 150ml
Tea Tree Essence ~ 50ml
Tea Tree Calming Cream ~ 100g
Tea Tree Toner water calms irritated skin by tightening pores and controlling sebum. The Toner clears skin texture, as the first step of mild skincare, it calms sensitive skin as it removes impurities with 10 kinds of fresh botanical extract. The Toner also calms sensitive skin and helps control of Ph balance and relieves skin stress. The Tea Tree Essence stops skin dryness and moisture loss, it is good for scar care and luminous complexion since it contains tea tree concentrate which is effective in soothing and skin care. Tea Tree Calming Cream calms sensitive skin and protects from skin troubles. The Vitamin E ingredients helps calming, moisturizing, and have antioxidant effect. Tea Tree calming cream not only cares for skin troubles, but also cares for hydration.
$30.00 $24.00 $35.00
ea tree oil New Zealand
product detail
tea tree oil New Zealand
product detail
tea tree spot gel New Zealand
tea tree series gift pack
Wonder Tea Tree Oil ~ 50ml Wonder Tea Tree Spot Gel 50g Tea Tree Series Gift Set Pack
Tea Tree Oil blended with botanical oils gently soothes and moisturizes skin. Vitamin E gives anti-oxidative effect and abundant nutrients to skin. Tea Tree Spot Gel is specialized for care of skin troubles such as acnes, pimples, any kind of skin troubles. It soothes skin problem immediately. The Tea Series Gift Set Pack includes the complete Tea Tree range!!
$30.00 $24.00 $140.00
tea tree oil Divine Wonder

New Zealand Teenagers and Tea Tree Gel
The Wonder Tea Tree range addresses skin troubles such as persistent pimples and acnes, the bane for teenagers!

Since ancient times, tea tree has been used as aboriginal medicinal herb extracted from the leaves of Hamamelis tree. And Terpine-4 ingredient extracted from leaves have excellent effect in calming and protecting skins.

Tea tree has recognized antiseptic, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties of which D'RAN has formulated into Wonder tea tree products; tea tree toner, essence, oil, cream and spot gel. The Tea Tree products, which contain tea tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) leaf extract and abundant premium ingredients, help reduce the appearance of both new and old scars, trouble control, uneven skin tone as well as soothing and cooling down the skin.