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Divine Wonder Cosmetics Pack for Your Special Care

Divine Wonder Cosmetics has the ideal packs for you. The body and skin care cosmetic packs include Aqua Shine series, Ohbeau series, men's HOMME series, Tea Tree series and the Wonder Body Care series. Vitamin E oil and Vitamin E creams are among the packs.

Aquashine Series Pack Ohbeau Series Pack
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The Aquashine Series Pack includes:
Aqua Wonder Moisture Toner
A moisture toner with Alaska glacier water
Aqua Wonder Hydrating Lotion
A hydrating lotion preventing water loss
Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Essence
An intensive essence for youthful & radiant skin
Aqua Wonder Repair Lifting Cream
A powerful hydrating cream with sea complex
Aqua Wonder Recovery Eye Cream
A revitalizing eye cream purifying sensitive eye area
The Ohbeau Cosmetic Series Pack includes:
OH BEAU White Radiance Hydrating Toner
A deep hydrating toner with fresh texture
OH BEAU White Radiance Recovery Lotion
A recovery lotion to firm and soothe the skin
OH BEAU Concentrated Recovery Essence
A nutrient-rich essence giving skin elasticity
OH BEAU Intensive Regenerating Cream
A multi-care cream for radiant and silky complexion
OH BEAU Recovery Essential Eye Cream
A nourishing eye cream for dry and stress eye area
$145.00 $270.00

Tea Tree Series Pack HOMME's Pack for Men
tea tree products tea tree products
The Tea Series Pack includes:
Tea Tree Toner ~ 50ml
Calms irritated skin
Tea Tree Essence ~ 50ml
Purifies complexion by preventing moisture loss by Teatree Leaf extract that cares and calms skin trouble
Tea Tree Calming Cream ~ 100g
Calms sensitive skin and protects from skin troubles
Tea Tree Oil 50ml
Includes tea tree leaf oil crude liquid and botanical oil components that soothe and moisturises dry and irritated skin
Tea Tree Spot Gel 8ml
Pat on skin troubles such as Acne with Soothing Spot Gel.
The HOMME Series Pack for Men includes:
Age Defence Activiating Lotion
A hydrating lotion for long-lasting moisturizing effect
Age Defence Moisture Skin Cream
A refreshing skin optimizing moisture balance and tightening pores
Wonder Essence for MAN Nourishing & Revitalizing
A nourishing & Revitalizing essence for youthful complexion
Wonder Cream for MAN Brightening & Softening Skin
A total care cream with anti-wrinkle and whitening effects
Wonder Cream for MAN Pore Tightening & Refining
A ultra pore tightening cream with Witch hazel, Gotu cola extract
$143.00 $110.00