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Feedback Comments from Customers & Shannon

The Divine Wonder Cosmetics body and skin care products are being highly complimented by customers, and a Beauty Blogger.

5 NZ Natural Beauty Brands :: Review by Shannon

Wonder Hydrating Cleanser | 100g | $21
This moisturiser is nice and thick so you don't need much of it - has a beautiful scent and is very soft on the skin - suitable for all skin types. Main ingredients include: Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed oil and Macadamia seed oil.
Wonder Snail Treatment Cream | 100g | $40
I gave these products for my mum to try as I knew she would make better use out of them - this helps to restore and replenish your skin so it looks nourished and young-looking.
Wonder Collagen Firming Cream | 100g | $35
Again I gave this product to my mum - this helps to reduce signs of ageing and fatigue. It spreads nicely, you don't have to use to much of it and the scent is fresh and light.

Follow Shannon's New Zealand natural beauty blogs, 22 June 2016

Cleanser & Snail Treatment Cream
I just love my cleanser, I just bought 2, 1 for my girl and 1 for me. It's awesome and using the snail treatment as well.

M LG, 13 Feruary 2016

Collagen Firming Cream and Cleanser
I use the collagen firming cream and cleanser. My skin does not feel dry at the end of the day, still feel moisturised. Good value for money.

LL, 11 February 2016

Vitamin E Oil 20/10 for Infant Eczema ~ plus 10/10 for Collagen Cream
I know a few people who have used the Vitamin E oil at your recommendation Mel, for infant eczema and the results are outstanding!!!

I use the anti-age collagen repair - and so does my husband but that didn't come from me.

I love how light, and non greasy the cream is. My skin is so much cleaner, and so smooth!! 10/10 for the collagen cream! And 20/10 for the vitamin e oil!

LC, 12 February 2016

Major Ezcema Problem Solved with Wonder Facial Vitamin E Oil

Just really wanted to share with you my eldest girls excema, for the last 6 years we have been trialing steroid creams, perscribed moisteriser, natural body butters and nothing has worked as well as the WONDER FACIAL VITAMIN E OIL this is the result we have after using it for just two days, her excema is so bad she gets it from her neck down including her back etc and it is always so red and raw.
Vitamin E oil eczema

Absolutely over the moon with how this oil has began repairing her skin with no scarring like the steroid cream do. Thank you so much Lynette Collinson Midwife for referring me to this wonderful product and thank you to Mel for directing me to the product which would be most suited to her skin!

JT, 28 November 2015

Beautiful Aromas'

Omg...just awesome ...the aromas that they have...are beautiful ...thank you...very much...I recommend buying your product's to my friend's and family...

AP, 4 December 2015

Amazing Hydrating Cleanser

So pleased to have my new lot of products. The wonder hydrating cleanser is amazing always leaves my skin soft and doesn't strip my skin like other cleansers.

Absolutely loving the new soap range they smell gorgeous will definitely be buying more. The creams feel so luxurious, such a treat.
Highly recommend all these products , I have had no reactions and I have very sensitive skin. We all deserve some goodies, treat yourself you won't be disappointed.

KN, 30 November 2015

Skin Smooth & Soft with Wonder Collagen Firming Cream

Ive just started using one the devine wonder collagen cream. I love it. It smells absolutely beautiful and correct use of it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I always thought I wasn't old enough to need one, until I realised every day counts! Cant do much about the wrinkles after they arrive, but can certainly do all I can to avoid them!

LJ 20 October 2015

Skin Smooth & Soft with Wonder Collagen Firming Cream

Yes I use one [Wonder Collagen Firming Cream]. Started last year when I was 34. Feel it's important to look after my skin as I get older.

NJ, 20 October 2015

A Loving Comment

Just love wonder divine cosmetics.

KJ, 18 October 2015

Beautiful Smell of Wonder Collagen Firming Cream

I have this cream [Wonder Collagen Firming Cream] and it smells absolutely beautiful. It's keeping me young!

RH, 2 October 2015

Eczema and Tea Tree Calming Cream
Hi I met you in Hamilton at the night markets.
I have really bad dermatitis and eczema you gave me some tea tree cream to try and its awesome!!!! My son felt my hands this morning and said 'Mum your hands are soft today' what did you do? I said to him it must of been that lady that gave me that cream to try....

LW, 2 November 2014

Tea Tree Calming Cream Amazing
Really love the products i have that the ingrediants are natural!! Tea tree calming cream is amazing!! So many lovely creams for all your skin care needs!!

RT, 19 Setepmber 2015