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Divine Wonder Cosmetics Products Order Form ~ Bank-to-Bank Transaction
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Divine Wonder Cosmetics Products Order Form for Bank-to-Bank Online Payment or Credit Card

Payment by Internet Banking:
NOTE to New Zealand resident bank account holders: To make a purchase using domestic internet banking place your order via the form below. Check the entries are correct and submit the form.
A Sales Invoice will be emailed back to you with the items costed and a bank account into which payment can be made by internet banking.
Payment by Credit Card
The form below also provides option 2.] for payment by credit card. For this option, click in the box alongside Credit card. An invoice will be emailed to you, followed by an email from our Paypal account enabling payment transaction.
Despatch Information
The despatch cost varies for sending of packages within New Zealand.

*Please indicate in a check box below your preferred method of payment:


Ref: Item Name Price Qty
Aqua Shine Wonder Series
Aqua Wonder Series DWC026 $30.00
DWC027 $30.00
DWC028 $30.00
DWC029 $30.00
DWC030 $30.00
Ohbeau Series
Ohbeau Series DWC031 $55.00
DWC032 $55.00
DWC033 $55.00
DWC034 $55.00
DWC035 $55.00
HOMME for Men Series
Ohbeau Series DWC036 $21.00
DWC037 $21.00
DWC038 $24.00
DWC039 $24.00
DWC040 $24.00
Special Treatment Creams
Ohbeau Series DWC041 $40.00
DWC042 $35.00

Wonder Skin Creams Series
Wonder creams DWC043 $25.00
DWC044 $25.00
DWC045 $25.00
DWC046 $25.00
DWC047 $25.00
DWC048 $25.00
DWC049 $25.00
Wonder Serums
Wonder creams DWC051 $30.00
DWC053 $30.00
DWC054 $30.00
Wonder Tea Tree Series
tea tree DWC055 $30.00
DWC056 $24.00
DWC057 $33.00
DWC058 $30.00
DWC059 $24.00
Wonder Facial Cleansing & Masks
tea tree DWC062 $8.00
DWC065 $10.00
DWC088 $9.00
DWC066 $35.00
DWC067 $21.00
DWC068 $21.00
Wonder Body Care Series
body care series DWC071 $25.00
DWC072 $25.00
DWC073 $25.00
DWC074 $25.00
DWC075 $25.00
DWC085 $30.00
DWC087 $30.00
Divine Wonder Body Soap Series
body care series SOP001 $10.00
SOP002 $10.00
SOP003 $10.00
SOP004 $10.00
SOP005 $10.00
SOP006 $10.00
SOP007 $10.00
SOP008 $10.00
SOP009 $10.00
Wonder Aqua Shine Gift Pack
body care series DWC101
  • DWC026 Aqua Wonder Moisture Toner ~ 130ml
  • DWC027 Aqua Wonder Hydrating Lotion ~ 130ml
  • DWC028 Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Essence ~ 35ml
  • DWC029 Aqua Wonder Repair Lifting Cream ~ 50g
  • DWC030 Aqua Wonder Recovery Eye Cream ~ 30g
Ohbeau Gift Pack
body care series DWC102
  • DWC031 Ohbeau White Radiance Hydrating Toner ~ 130ml
  • DWC032 Ohbeau White Radiance Recovery Lotion ~ 130ml
  • DWC033 Ohbeau Concentrated Recovery Essence ~ 35ml
  • DWC034 Ohbeau White Intensive Regenerating Cream ~ 50g
  • DWC035 Ohbeau White Recovery Essential Eye Cream ~ 30g
HOMME Men's Gift Pack
body care series DWC103
  • DWC036 Homme Age Defence Moisture Cream ~ 150ml
  • DWC037 Homme Age Defence Activating Lotion ~ 150ml
  • DWC038 Homme Essence for Man ~ 30ml
  • DWC039 Wonder for Man Brightening & Softening Cream ~ 50g
  • DWC040 Wonder for Man Pore Tightening & Refining Cream ~ 50g
Wonder Tea Tree Series Gift Pack
body care series DWC104
  • DWC055 Wonder Tea Tree Toner ~ 150ml
  • DWC056 Wonder Tea Tree Essence ~ 50ml
  • DWC057 Wonder Tea Tree Calming Cream ~ 100g
  • DWC058 Wonder Tea Tree Oil ~ 50ml
  • DWC059 Wonder Tea Tree Spot Gel ~ 8g

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